Panders and lies, perhaps a narrowly escape

Continuous two channel video installation with sound
Two diffrent course of events are shown simultanusly on two screens. One event shows an aircraft that repeatingly preparing, starting up and departing for a takeoff. The other onging event is the work of constructing the enviroment, that makes the illusion of the real in the first event.

The aircraft, a typical passenger airliner, prepares for a soon takeoff. The noise from the engines and the lamps at the runway are some things that indicates for a presently take-off. The depart finally takes place but the crave for a takeoff never comes to an end. The illusion of a real takeoff brakes up while the aircraft never leaves the runway and drives alongside a precise model landscape that clearly are placed inside an apartment. The aircraft runs along the runway, passing diffrent locations of variable landscape throughout the apartment. Sometimes the illusion of the real are apparently evident while sometimes the proof of illusion are clearly demonstrated.
  Film excerpt from Panders and lies, perhaps a narrowly escape low resolution  
  Stills Panders and lies, perhaps a narrowly escape    
  Dunkers Kulturhus Helsingborg 2007