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9 framed C-prints, each 38x25cm






In the garden of Vrams Gunnarstorps castle stands a buxus sempervirens hedge, dated to the period of 1633–1644.
In purpose to preserve these old Buxus hedges an exertion are made with scaffolding.

Buxus sempervirens is a flowering plant in the genus Buxus and is an evergreen shrub or small tree with small hard, leatherlike, leaves. It grows slowly and because of its tolerance of close shearing it is a very popular ornamental plant, particulary valued for topiary and hedges.
Buxus have been popular in gardens in the style of classicism and less popular while the trend have been more romantic. Buxus is also an usual plant in cementarys whou it demands minimal care. The whole plant are poisonous and it emits substances which other plants may mislike.
The wood is hard and heavy and has less commercial use but are just as holly considered as the most usable wood for construction of models and other miniature carpentry. The wood is also used for engraving, marquetry, tool handles and mallet heads.