Seven times less
7 digital collage. Giclée print on Hahnemühle cotton papper, each 57x57cm



All pictures composite by diffrent parts of maps taken from internet. The places the maps represent are all included in each picture and are chosen out of a personal contex. The composition are defined by associations and memory without regard of the  geografic correctness.

Seven times less derive out of the thought that the lost relation creates a kind of underpressure, which have to be compensate by identification. A process of mapping can be seen as a way of taking controll over a specific area, this process are often insufficient and sometimes even impossible. During the work of Seven times less each image resulted into the opposite function compared to the first intension. Each picture create a further ’’minus’’ and therefore a new picture need to be made to compensate the last picture´s imperfection. But instead even more comfusion is founded.